Heather and Mike

How We Met

We started dating in the last term of our senior year at Carleton College, but neither of us thought it would last. We were going to graduate soon, and Heather was moving to Japan... Everyone knows long distance never works!

After graduation, we couldn't stop thinking about each other. We kept talking on the phone every night. The night before Heather left for Japan, we said "I love you" for the first time. We made it through the first six months (before the age of webcams!) and over a Christmas visit to Minnesota, Mike asked Heather to marry him. 

That fall we got married on a beach in Hawaii. We spent our first year as a married couple living in Japan--the longest honeymoon ever!

The Rest is History

That was twelve years ago, and we have been happily married ever since.

When it was finally time to come back to the states, we moved to Washington D.C., which was a great place to live. Over the nine years we lived on the East Coast, Heather worked at the Smithsonian Institution and Ford's Theatre. Mike had a job at the State Department, then moved to a small web design firm, where he still works as a project manager.

We loved D.C. and we had a great group of friends, but when we turned thirty, we started to think about how to get back to Minnesota.

This is home.