Heather and Mike



Shogun was two years old when we adopted him and is eight now. Even though he’s a great big polar bear, weighing in at 125 pounds—he’s also a gentle giant! There’s nothing Shogun wants to do more than lounge in the sun or go on a leisurely stroll around the lake.


We brought Saga home last year and she’s still very much a puppy! She keeps us on our toes every day. She’s also a sweet little love who wants nothing more than to snuggle with us on the couch or meet a new best friend on a walk!


Koji came to Heather as a tiny kitten in Japan. Now he’s thirteen, which makes him the stately gentleman of the house. Although his favorite place is curled up in a sunbeam, he’s still feisty when he wants to be and has no trouble standing up to two big dogs!