Heather and Mike

Nothing is more important than family and friends!

We believe a happy, loving family and close friends are the pillars of a happy childhood and we’re so grateful to have a strong, supportive network of friends and family around us.

Mike’s Family

Mike comes from a big extended family that is very close. We love being able to celebrate the holidays with the whole gang—at least a dozen or more people all gathered together! We knew we wanted to end up back in the Midwest so we could be closer to his family and we couldn’t be more happy to have settled down here where we can see them more often.

Heather’s Family

Heather’s family is much, much smaller. Her mom and stepmom make up her immediate family, and she adds an uncle and aunt on her dad’s side and four cousins on her mom’s side to make up her extended family. Everyone is on the East Coast, except her mom who recently make the big move to Minnesota to be closer to Mike and Heather…and a future grandchild!

Friends are family too!

We are so lucky to have friends all over the world, from Japan to DC to here in Minnesota. There’s nothing we love more than hosting our friends at our house for a game night or cooking a great meal and having a big group over to enjoy it with us.