Heather and Mike

Home Renovations

We bought a fixer upper in South Minneapolis in 2017 and love the process of bringing our little home back to life. Most weekends you’ll find us working on a home project, big or small!




We love getting out into the woods to go camping for a long weekend. There’s nothing better than talking around a campfire and roasting smores.




Mike loves to cook. He roasts his own coffee and smokes pork shoulders for eight hours for delicious carnitas, not to mention making amazing dinners every night!




Heather is most happy when she is making something. She has been making quilts for years, but also paints, embroiders, knits and draws. Usually her creations are something useful that she can decorate the house with.




Mike keeps up with distant friends with group gaming sessions on his computer and long- running weekly D&D campaigns.



Heather always wanted to touch the stuff she saw in museums when she was little, so it just made sense for her to find a career in museums. Now she gets to touch artifacts all day long.



Since living in Japan right after college, we’ve loved to travel whenever we can. We’ve crossed Croatia, Australia, England, Spain, Italy, Russia and Korea off our list so far, but there’s so much more to see! The best part of traveling, though, is coming back home.